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Skill Level For This Project:

Advanced Teleprompter, Improv 


About McKenzie 

On Social Media!


 "Wow, she has amazing acting skills. They need to put her in every movie that requires a competent child actor."


"She's great! Girls going to be in tons of commercials and hopefully more"


"OK. That was the best little-girl video I have ever seen(so far). I was suspicious about what the heck is Onion doing with putting a video with a little girl on the channel but, hey, for one more time the Onion did not disappoint me.

Good work Onion! Congratulations to the girl, as well. Perfectly delivered!
*thumbs up*"


"this little girl is tha truth."


 "This is all kinds of brilliant, definitely gonna share this


 "Never mind this video's message! That little girl is an awesome actress!"

"Agreed, I was impressed too"


 "I just saw her in a Wal-Mart commercial. She has a bright future ahead."


 "Gotta share this, so adorable!"


"This little girl is in a Walmart ad as well"


 "this girl deserves an award"


"That child is going to lead a life of collecting Academy Award after Academy Award."


 awwww this video is so cute I want my hair like that


"I normally dislike children, but dang, I could not stop smiling watching this video."


"she reminds me of the oracle in the matrix"

"I love this kid"

"LMBO! This is priceless, The Onion really did it here. The girl is a natural and insanely cute!"

"I have to say I'm impressed. If that was via teleprompter, she has mad reading skills. If she memorized that, she has mad memory skills. Either way, she's mad."


"this girl deserves an award"



©2014 by Team Actress McKenzie Franklin. All Rights Reserved.




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