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Markos Markers

Spec Commercial

Date: 2012

Role: VO/ Giggle

Solo Cup

Spec Commercial

Date: 2014

Role: Little Sister

Hide & Seek

*Funny or Die*

Rodrigo Quintez Comedic Web Series

Quality Children's Entertainer

Date: 2013

Role: Maddie/Girl In Oven

*Edited Version

                   Chi~Voices Poetic Film Series Trailers


15 Second Teaser & Trailer

Date: 2014

Role: Young 'Joy' Heard

*McKenzie acting with her real Dad*


Chi~Voices is a media project with six premier poets who creatively express their personal experiences with violence in their communities through Spoken Word and Film. With the project, we aim to showcase personal stories directly from citizens of the community. Our intention is to showcase the film series to show how violence effects our environment, economy, and humanity.









































The Onions Productions

Date: 2014

Role: Jessica


Title: 'What This Adorable Little Girl Says Will Melt Your Heart'



Clickhole is a new viral-content spinoff site from The Onion Productions. Governed by a belief that all content deserves to go viral, it is a singular online social experience complete with clickable, shareable content that’s the best the internet has to offer!



Teachers - Comedic Web Series

The Katydids

Date: 2012

Role: Student / Playground

*Girl In Yellow

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