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Slideshow & Notes from the desk of McKenzie's MoM

Ford Focus: McKenzie's 1st national commercial spot


Little Known Fact:

When this commercial aired during the BET Awards Show Broadcast our telephone did not stop ringing for the entire show! Everyone was so excited for McKenzie.

Divergent: Feature Film
Role: Dauntless Kid

She read the books and now she's in the movie. What a dream come true!


Little Known Fact: McKenzie's mother AND father were both cast in the movie as well. Her mom was a CANDOR woman and dad a DAUNTLESS guard. McKenzie and her dad even shot a scene together during filming and her mom had a chance to shoot a scene with Zoe Kravitz as Christina's candor mom.

The Steve Harvey Talk Show (NBC)

McKenzie and her dad were approached by producers of the show and asked if they would like to come on the show as guests in a segment called Daddy & Me! Mckenzie stole America's heart with her cuteness and question about the Cookies and was asked back for s second time for an entire Kids Chat Hour with Steve, other children as guests  and an audience filled with kids


Little Known Fact: McKenzie loves watching kids on talk shows and has always wanted to be asked on as a guest of the Steve Harvey Show, Ellen & Wendy Williams to perform her marching band dance song and chat about girl stuff during her interview!

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